The Welsh Geek Manifesto Pledge

Further to The Geek Manifesto Pledge by Dave Watts, which has successfully pledged to put a copy of The Geek Manifesto on the desks of all 650 Members of Parliament, Chris Chambers and I have made the following pledge for science in Wales:

I will personally deliver 60 copies of The Geek Manifesto to the National Assembly for Wales, but only if 59 other people will help buy the books.

Chris, a psychologist/neuroscientist at Cardiff University, had already sent a copy of the book to our MP, Cardiff Central’s Jenny Willott. We met up for a beer a few weeks ago and resolved to send a copy of the book to all of the 60 Assembly Members in the National Assembly for Wales. We think this is an eminently achievable task and would present a great opportunity to reiterate the importance of science in the formulation of policy in Wales, especially in light of the publication of the Science for Wales strategy in March 2012.

Please sign the pledge and spread the word across Wales! We are currently planning how to maximise the impact of delivering 60 copies of the book to the National Assembly in Cardiff Bay.

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9 thoughts on “The Welsh Geek Manifesto Pledge

  1. Tom says:

    So far, 26 people have signed the pledge

  2. Tom says:

    Only 24 to go!

  3. Alan Rogers says:

    An excellent idea I will buy a copy, read it first then send it to my constituency AM or, if I find she has a copy, then to one of my four regional AMs. Is this arrangement compatible with the “pledge campaign” ? Matt Bourne is right about the “sugar pill” example, placebo effect is scientifically established. I am campaigning to stop the Wales NHS spending £1.3 million per year paying religious clerics. We believe they should be paid by a charitable trust and the money which is saved spent on scientifically verified, clinically effective medical and nursing treatment.

  4. Tom says:

    And now there is a Geek “Manifulster” pledge for Northern Ireland!

  5. Jem North says:

    It gets my vote (& hard earned cash too) if Wales is to get out of the low wage; low skill cycle then we have to ensure that our political representatives are actively promoting science, technology, engineering and mathematics across all sectors.

  6. Tom says:

    It’s spreading all over the world: support Geek the Vote in Australia!

  7. [...] June, Chris Chambers and myself started the Welsh Geek Manifesto Pledge, a declaration to send a copy of Mark Henderson‘s The Geek Manifesto to all 60 Assembly [...]

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