I’m Dr Tom Crick, a Senior Lecturer in Computing Science (and Director of Undergraduate Studies) in the Department of Computing & Information Systems at Cardiff Metropolitan University, having previously spent a number of years in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Bath. I am a 2014 HEA National Teaching Fellow.

My research (see Publications) straddles the hardware/software interface and the performance of each: compilers and code optimisation, concurrency and multicore processors, high performance computing and programming language design and implementation. I’m also interested in the broader research area of knowledge representation and reasoning, intelligent systems and declarative problem solving (e.g Answer Set Programming). I’m a member of HiPEAC, the European Network of Excellence on High Performance and Embedded Architecture and Compilation and a 2014 Software Sustainability Institute Fellow.

I’m an advocate for computer science, from a research, education, economic and policy perspective; in particular, I’m part of the movement to transform computing education in the UK: I’m Chair in Wales (and Board Member) of Computing At School (CAS), an organisation that has led the recent initiatives to reform computer science in UK schools. In September 2013, I co-chaired the Welsh Government’s review of the ICT curriculum in Wales and currently sit on the UK Digital Skills Taskforce.



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